Club Contacts

2017 Executive


Role Name E-Mail
President Ken Courser
Vice President Paul Auzins
Secretary Dave McLean
Treasurer Kim Carpenter
Club Captain Tom Van Horne


Role Name E-Mail
Mens Dave Neill
Womens Stephane Deyne
Junior Dave McLean
Minis Devin Stubel
Revenue Rory McDonnell
Facilities  Ian Dorris

Junior 15s Coaches

Team Name E-Mail
U14 Boys  Martin Birthelmer
U14 Girls Gavin Jacklyn
U16 Boys Marc Cohoon
U16 Girls Matt Pavone
U18 Boys Dave McLean
U18 Girls Graham Boos

Senior 15s Coaches

Team Name E-Mail
Men Dave Neill
Women Ken Courser

Jesters 7s Coaches and Managers

Head Coach - Darrell Devine -

Head Coach - Iain Fitzgerarld -

Logistics Manager - Kim Robb-Cassidy -

Program Manager - David Owen -

Twitter: @Jesters7s

Sports Medecine

Dr. Donna Rae Rowlands' sports medicine practice has a priority appointment status within 2-3 business days for Harlequins athletes .  Call the office, let them know you are a member of Brantford Harlequins and Dr. Rowlands will see you without a referral.

Address: 72 Brant Ave, Brantford
Phone: 519-770-0128