World Rugby, Rugby Canada and the Brantford Harlequins take player welfare and concussion safety seriously. It is a growing concern of parents and players alike, and as such, have started to implement and utilize not only Rugby Canada recommendations, but our own community of medical professionals. Our coaching staffs, and supporting medical staff, have taken specialised training to ensure the proper recognition, diagnosing, and subsequently rehabilitating our players back to the pitch.

We have partnered with Cobblestone Medicine & Rehab Clinic ( in Paris, Ontario. Their staff on the concussion management team have all been trained through various courses dealing with concussion. From baseline testing during the pre-season, to mid-season issues that can happen during a season, they all work as a team to make sure the players safety is paramount.

At Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab we use collaberative rehabilitation care using the latest evidence and research to get the individual back to their NORMAL life as soon as possible. Includes:

  • Proper Pacing and detailed concussion education
  • Impact Concussion testing (Baseline and post injury testing will be completed on the first visit and usually 2-4 weeks thereafter)
  • Our Multidisciplinary Rehab team including physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, counselling, kinesiology and family medicine physician.
  • Visual/ocular rehab, balance rehab, strength/stretching exercises, gait analysis, postural analysis and heart rate/BP analysis
  • Proper return to learn techniques following evidence based methods Proper return to play/sport following evidenced based methods
  • Final Sign off with our clinic family medicine physician and/or referral back to patients family physician
Requirements of Rowan’s Law Legislation
  1. From July 1 2019, all sports must have in place Concussion Code of Conducts (please see attached Rugby Ontario versions for players/parents and coaches/trainers).
  2. From July 1 2019, all new registrants (players, coaches, officials, trainers)at the point of registration must review and sign off on the Ontario Ministry’s Concussion awareness resources (see attached) and the Rugby Ontario Concussion Code of Conduct. If the player is under 18 years of age then their parent/guardian must review and sign off. Please note there are no requirements for players registered before July 1.
  3. Between July 1 and August 30 2019, all currently registered coaches and trainers must review and sign off on both the Ministry’s Concussion awareness resources and Rugby Ontario Concussion Code of Conduct.
  4. Between July 1 and August 30 2019, all currently registered match officials must review and sign off on the Ministry’s Concussion awareness resources.
  5. From July 1, 2020, all sports must have in place Concussion Removal and Return to Sport protocols (rugby is in a good place here as this links in well with World Rugby’s Concussion Guidance, Rugby Canada’s Play Smart program and Rugby Ontario’s policies and Blue Card initiative).
More specific information and the links to all the relevant Ontario Government information are available through the Rowan’s Law page on the Rugby Ontario website. The link is:

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