Harlequins scholarship

The Brantford Harlequins Alumni has established a fund to award two scholarships to students entering first year of post secondary education. The purpose of the scholarship is to reward two (one male, one female) members of the Brantford Harlequins Rugby Club who have proven commitment to rugby, community and academics. The scholarship will be rewarded annually to students who:
  1. Holds a membership to the Brantford Harlequins RFC in the current year.
  2. Are enrolled full time, in their first year of studies.
  3. Has submitted a short letter of application highlighting personal involvement in rugby, community and society.
  4. Submit a letter of application to adamschouten@hotmail.com prior to July 20, 2022.
Letter of Application to include
  • Name of post secondary institution enrolled in
  • Program of enrollment
  • Personal achievements in both academics and athletics
  • Involvement in rugby, community and society
  • No longer than two page application