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2018 Practices: Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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We're at it Tuesday/Thursday this week - and off for the long weekend before preparing for a bit of a home stand to end the summer. We'll keep the contact light this week, but keep working on playing the game better, so prep for a lot of double touch. Spots are starting to get competitve, so make an effort to get out and put your hand up!

Game reports came in second hand this week - big huddy huddy to Kyle Lavoie for pitching in an extra hand even though he's only got the one to spare. Read on for his take:

After a long ride up the 403 (Goodrow wouldn't splurge for the 407) The Sr Men's teams were looking serious stepping off the bus to play a doubleheader against the upstart Peterborough Pagans.

After a rough two games against the Scottish last weekend the bus was carrying a few less bodies than we would have liked, but the group that did make the trip was ready to put in the work, and there was plenty of work to be had.

The 2s game was a physical affair that saw plenty of hard rucking by the home team. A young group of Quins fought valiantly on defence but defence was about all they got to play. The lone try for the visting Quins was scored by rookie Bojangles Jr who did his best impression of his older brother. Another rookie finished off the game with an interesting tackle attempt as Paul "the strangler" chased down a sprinting Pagan and ripped him to the ground by the collar of his shirt. Paul was rewarded with a yellow card and the 2s took one on the chin losing big to a well organized home squad.

The Peterborough crowd was fired up as the kickoff for the 1s game signalled the start of a much more even matchup. Both teams got to touch the ball and an early lead for the Quins was promptly cut down by 2 quick scores from the Pagans. With the Quins up 19-14 Huey executed a gorgeous in-play drop goal that put the visitors up by 8 and nearly knocked Quins' statistical expert Cam MacArthur's socks off who claimed that the rare 3 point play hadn't been used in at least three seasons. The first half was closer than anyone expected and the boys went to the sheds knowing the next 40 minutes were not going to be easy.

The half time talk from the skipper likely contained some harsh words (ok, definitely contained some harsh words) and it must have done the trick as the Quins came out firing on all cylinders and put some well earned points on the board. Colossal Man-child Kolby Francis must have had a lunchable at the half because he came out and powered through half a dozen pagans for a score. Not to be outdone the backs put together some greasy moves that the colonel would be proud of and punched in a couple of tries of their own. Connor Fitzsimmons was up to his old tricks as he ran at 15, with some big shoes to fill he didn't disappoint creating and finishing some big yardage gains for the boys.

Things were looking alright and with the Quins up 20 the special guest coaches Rory and Josh began to roll in the subs. A couple
of injuries had already seen some tired 2s players join the fray, and several boys followed suit, some getting their first ever caps for the 1s team. Graham McKelvey must have been watching too much soccer as he picked up a yellow card with about 15 minutes to play. Down a man and with their depth being seriously tested, the Quins gave up enough points that we're sure Dave Neill had chest pains wherever he was. As the game dragged to a close the outcome was never in doubt, but the next sub in for the Quins would have been a guy who happened to be wearing shorts and had driven through Brantford on the highway once.

At the end of the day the Quins secured the victory, but smiles were few and far between and the consensus was: more bodies and more effort at training. A win is a win but the Brantford boys hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of the league, and the trip to Peterborough left us all looking a bit like Cullen post-game, battered and bruised, but victorious.

6/22/18 - Game Preview & Lineups

The Senior Men are on the road this weekend to face the new entrants to the Premier league in Peterborough. There is a team bus leaving from the club at 9am, $25 for anyone interested. There will be a stop in Hamilton and one in Toronto. Still need some guys to round out numbers... Kick offs are 1:30 and 3pm in Peterborough if you can't make the bus.

Line Ups.

Flashback to 2013 when the Quins were on pace to sweep the table in the B division, until Adam Schouten's bachelor weekend. The party coincided with the longest road game of the year - Peterborough. As a result of Schouten's popularity, combined with the lenght of the drive, 24 Harlequins headed down to fill 2 fixtures against a tough opponent. The 2's, lead by Defensive Dave Goodrow on wing, suffered a loss while the 1's, 5 of whom played the better part of 2 games, ground out a one score victory in the dying moments of the match. Forward to Schoutie's 5th anniversary, and we seem to have a rematch on our hands.

The 2's see a big swing this weekend as they drop from 12 subs to none - but the talent on the field should make up for lack of numbers.

Hayden Clarke leads the team off with his high work rate and hard running style. He is joined by tighthead Owen Clarke, who's work at Scrum Club on Thursday should steady the sets. Dubicki comes on as the in form hooker.

The 2nd row welcomes back Austin Brookshaw and Mike Slifierz who should give Peterborough a good test at line out time.

Curtis Brehn runs on the blind flank, while Zack Dawson runs at open side. They will need to read up on rugby theory as they will no doubt get a lesson from the Dr. Maahs who played so well off the bench at 8 last week he's earned the starting jersey. Bet you didn't calculate that formula Maahsie.

Zack Thomas celebrates his last week of high school with a start at #9, spinning the ball to Ian Chisholm who will hope to have a more memorable bus trip home this season.

In the centres, Matt finally gets the weekend off work to take 12, while Liam Bojangles comes in on debut at 13. Probably going to have to take that OFSSA silver medal off now Liam - unless you can sew an IRB tag onto it - talk to Gavin Jacklyn's grandma about getting that done.

Paul Croswell brings his 7's skill set to the blind wing and Hawhk Son covers the open side. Because he likes it so much, Hawhk will also be covering fullback until Richard Harlequin arrives.

The 1's come off a big win in a physical contest last week. Traveling down a few players isn't going to make this weekend's fixture any easier than the last. Good. It's the challenge that's the fun part.

Big George Bocock makes his return to the starting line up after a man of the match performance for the 2's last week. He's joined on the tighthead side by Cullen Fawcett, who's still catching his breath from the 40 meter footrace he won last weekend against the entire Scottish team to score an athletic try. Casey Bouk is still turning up, so we'll let him hang between the big men at Hooker - hopefully that will contain some of the blast from the explosions.

Tom Van Horne will no doubt lead the pack from the front, after a massive performance on defense last week, expect Tom to lift the level. He's joined by 2's captain Graham Boos in the 2nd row.

Back row sees Connor Flinders get a start after some solid play last week, joined by Kolby Francis and Graham Mckelvey - one of whom is a large child playing 7, and is scared by the one wearing number 8. We'll let you figure who's who Kolby.

Willy Mac is back to spark the backline after a well planned vacation saw him miss the top two games of the season. Thankfully, he is still throwing to the same guy, as Nate Boejengles comes into the game as the Harlequins most recent try scorer.

The centre pairing is still amped from last week, so we've decided to let the speakers blow and rock the house to the tunes of the DJ Stevie P featuring the Hugh the Skipper. Music's so loud Hughey still hasn't figured out it's not actually country.

The back three shuffles around the rotation, Mundy and Mathie hit the wings, while Connor Fitzsimmons jumps in at the back playing 15.

Subs - let's see who's alive after the 2's.

So there you have it - still waiting on you, Richard Harlequin - but otherwise shapes up to be a pretty great day on the pitch, while looking gloomy everywhere else.

See you there.

6/15/18 - Family Day Preview

The rugby begins at 9am with the Mini's and Jr programs, so make your way out early and enjoy the day. Don't forget, the 'Club Photo' will be taken some time around noon.

We are also repping the 'Rugby vs Cancer' kit for the men's premier game and raising funds for the cause.

The men's games kick off a half hour later than usual - 2pm and 3:30pm. Extra time to catch a spot in the shade - or stand with Bundy in the sun.

Here's the preview:

The Toronto Scottish are bringing a full bus to George Jones Fields on Saturday, prepared to battle for top spot in both divisions. Both clubs 1's and 2's sides are undefeated and at the top of the table this season, so the winner of this one leaves in sole possession of first place.

The 2's have continued to grow in depth, and have been playing some exciting rugby. Fast paced attack and relentless defense has seen them comfortably through the first half of the season. Now the real test comes against a deep Scottish side.

Big George Bocock leads off the team sheets this week - expect George to bring his physical style to the park and gain a lot of hard yards and explode in the scrum. Dubicki and Buddha add more size to the front row and will look to dig in the sets. Behind them is gameday skipper Graham Boos who's leadership has galvanized the team. Ryan comes in as the lock pairing, and should prove a weapon in the line out.

The back row welcomes back 2's super sub Casey Bouk to the mix - Expect a lot of loud noises coming from his general direction. Brehn joins on the other side of the scrum, while Dawson earns a run at 8 - though expect Bouk to line up there accidentally from time to time.

Talon De St Croix (the french guy) comes in spinning tight service from halfback, and Ian Chisholm will look to distribute that pace around the field. Better brush up on your french Ian.

The centre pairing is at odds this week - we had to check in with the LCBO to see if we could even play a bartender beside someone below the age of majority.... they'll get back to us in 2-4 weeks. So Shawzie is in with Liam Rose in what can only be described as a unique Harlequin combination.

The outside backs are fast this week - Lavoie is in on the blind wing, with Bouks' quiet side Hawhk Son earning the start on the open side. #twinning. Matty G earns the start at 15 after looking versatile at training.

The bench is deep this week - we'll be rolling in a good number of guys to keep the level of play as high as possible in the summer heat. Mclean and Hayden are going to be needed for front row Cover, while Flinders and Phily D should factor into the loose forwards. The backline will see wholesale changes, lead by the Mac attack of Mcissac and Pinkerton and the Dr. Adam Maahs. Zach Thomas looks to make his 2018 men's debut, and Nate Penny and Paul Croswell will factor into the outside backs. Pate did so well as super sub last week we`ve created a new jersey number just for him. 23A (the A is for Apple). Still room for a few more if you're registered - bring your boots!

The 1's have held a heavy rivalry with the Scottish going back a solid decade to the days of the B division promotion battles - including a tie for 1st at the end of the regular season that saw Brantford ahead on tiebreak but Scottish promoted. The last head to head ended up in a draw - and both teams were not happy with the result. Scene set.

The front row looked thick in the sets against the Beach, so we`ll run it a second time. Fawcett, Mirco and Mahar will look forward to the batle against a worthy opponent. Some last minute changes see Kolby Francis into the 2nd row partnering beside his older brother Tom. Big boots to fill little bro... and Carps is watching...

*Beauty Alert* in the back row as Ryan Blunt makes his final start of 2018 before heading North to stat his hibernation a touch early. This bear says he`ll turn out again when the sun isn`t so hot. Paul Auzins continues to hold form at 7 while the same can be said of Mckelvey at number 8. These guys don`t get picked on seniority - they just outwork all the other challengers.

Adam Schouten finishes off his 2 week summer pass in fine form after a great 2018 debut against the beach. Kid went the full 80 and still had enough petrol in the tank to idol with the A/C on in the driveway to cool down post match. He`s throwing to Nate Boeyenga who`s been feeding a hungry backline for the better part of 2 seasons.

The centre pairing welcomes back the skipper Hugh Mcdonell to 13 after receiving a reduced sentence for good behavior. The DJ Stevie P was the natural fit to join the reunion tour, dancing to their own beat and playing their own game. Expect the skipper to hit so hard (and low) the DJ drops the beat.

Speaking of reunion tours - Dylan Mundy and Rory Mcdonell re-join Joe Newman and the Brittish invasion to create the back three trio. You can expect some tries and big tackles from this group - but at no time over 80 minutes will any of them crack a smile. Not `till the work is done.

The bench - depends on who`s still standing after the 2`s match, but given that most of the team has repped with the 1`s already this year, just about everyone has their hand up.

Expect great weather, cold beer, loads of fans and some of the fastest and most physical rugby the country has to offer. It`s going to be a great day at the Harlequin club.

See you there


After a great 'first' session on the turf last Saturday, we're back into the gym for some conditioning work with Luke tonight 7-8pm at the Athlete Farm, 18 Easton Road in Brantford.

We've got the turf at CORE Lifestyle and Rec centre 401 New Dundee Road, Kitchener on Sunday March 25th from 10:30-11:30am - get there to burn off the hangover.

Our final winter session with Luke is next Tuesday, March 27th, same time, same place - and then we'll be outside for the balance of the season. 

See you tonight.